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Are you looking for a professional way to duplicate your vehicle key? You are probably reading this page because you need a service that is also fast and affordable.

If you are in need of a service that offers competitive prices, quality, or a fast response time, then you will find this article a good read that provides useful tips and tricks in offering solutions that best suit your needs.

Making a Spare Key – Why it’s So Important

Having only a single set of car keys could turn out to be an expensive mistake. It can well be an irritating experience if the last set of keys for your vehicle get lost or broken. Having an extra set of spare keys becomes very important when you factor in the absurd likelihood that your car keys could get misplaced.

It’s not unlikely also that you may have been advised to have your car key copied, but this can be a very expensive option. Also, you need to bear in mind that there are several technological considerations if you decide to go with this option.

With the ‘Do Not Copy’ labeling of car keys by auto manufacturers and the current key cutting standards and trends and the different methods for programming it has become all the more confusing to make duplicated transponders. Do you know the type of key you have? key finder Understanding the type of key your car uses is the first step. Does your car use a transponder key or a metal key blade? Is it a keyless entry device or a fob key or does it use a VAT/PAT key?

Even though you can use your vehicle’s identification number to have a key duplicate made, having a pre-existing key is usually the easiest way to have your car key replicated. For some cars, an online key purchase and using a control board programming method to program the key is all you need to have your car keys duplicated. However, most key duplicates are made with the help of a locksmith who has all the right tools or having it programmed at the dealership where you bought it.

Duplicate Keys Services: Choosing the Right One

If you have considered getting a spare key for the sake of security, we would recommend:

  1. Dealers – Dig around, vehicle dealerships should be contacted in order for you to compare prices. Bear in mind that this could take some time. A dealership warranty for an OEM key could be a good bargain as the competition is pretty stiff with dealership rates.
  2. Local locksmith stores – By using Google Map you could be driving down to a local locksmith’s shop in a few minutes to have your key cut. Simply type in the search term ‘locksmith store’ and you are halfway through the process of having your key cut.
  3. Online key depot – There is no warranty using this method. You would be buying your key from an online shop after which you would have to find a local locksmith to cut your key and have it programmed.
  4. It will take you within 1-1.5 hours to get a new car key when you work with our licensed car locksmith. Call (408)664-9290 for superior convenience and the shortest response.

For our professionals, the process is simple as all the common key types have standard blanks already made, which saves the client’s time.

For instance, ignition lock keys are made easily because we have blank transponder keys. Ignition locks are commonly used to start a car – just in case you don’t know what one looks like.

When it comes to duplicate keys, another commonly used blank is the skeleton blank. This type of key gets it skeletal look from its slender and characteristic long shaft that has remained through the decades. This type of key is recognized as a traditional key type.

Sometimes it is difficult to copy modern key lock designs, but we have the professional experience needed to break your lock no matter the type and make duplicate keys. Call Key Locksmith today even if making key duplicates has been a complicated process for you in the past. We promise to provide you with duplicates almost immediately.

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