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Transponders keys are devices created to transmit a radio signal from a remote handheld device to a remote receiver. Transponder keys, also known as "chip keys" are used to unlock and start vehicles and can as be used in such things like opening gates and keyless entry systems. Each transponder key is equipped with a built-in signal emitting circuit with its own unique set of codes and programmed in such a way that it can only control once specific vehicle so as to reduce the possibility of theft.

Volkswagen Locksmith Nowadays, almost all the new cars come along with transponder keys. This invention has become so much popular in recent years. It not only provides convenience to car owners but as well give maximum security for their cars and the belongings inside. Most transponder keys almost look the same; however, they are different in the specific vehicles they control. Transponders keys are available for various types of vehicles but are more popular in new high-end models.

Technology of Transponder Keys: How Transponder Keys Work

Transponder keys were introduced in 1995 for use in vehicles. It is a transmitter unit that consists of a small microchip in the plastic part of a key. The microchip is assigned a unique serial number during its original programming. When the owner of transponder key wants to unlock or start his vehicle, the chip will send a request to the vehicle for it to authenticate the serial number and turn off the engine immobilizers. The vehicle will remain locked and immobilized if it doesn't recognize the number sent by the chip. A key which has not been programmed can be used to turn the engine over, however it will fail to start it, since the immobilizers will still be activated.

Transponder keys are not powered by any kind of battery, in fact, they can charge on their own simply with the radio signals they receive. In most transponder keys, you will not find any button. However, the transponder key will send out a signal to unlock the door when it is in proximity of the car it controls.

Vehicles can be retrofitted for their transponder systems. But, it is very expensive in most cases. The reason behind this is that the process requires reprogramming the vehicle's electrical system and making a new key. A Car key locksmith can help you to reprogram your transponder key.

Benefits of Transponder Keys

There is wide range of benefits associated with the use of transponder keys for your vehicle. In fact, most insurance vehicles and car manufacturers see cars with transponders keys to be virtually theft-proof.

It can bring a lot of convenience and much better security to any car owner. Each transponder key is designed with its own unique code, so it made it impossible to duplicate the transponder keys. They are very easy to use as well. With transponder keys, you can easily lock the entire doors to your vehicle at once instead of locking them one after another. It will automatically lock the doors when you forgot to lock your doors. Awesome!

Transponder keys provide maximum security to your car. This means that your vehicle will remain secure unless you lose your keys, in which case, you can look for a locksmith to help you bypass it. It brings extreme convenience as well because you don't need to always have your transponder keys in your hand all the time. You can just keep them in your pocket.

Bypassing Transponder Keys

It wise to always have at least two transponder keys with you because replacing them is very expensive. Beside, you will feel more secure when you have two transponder keys in case you lost one or got it stolen. A reliable locksmith like Key Locksmith Company can help you to reprogram your transponder key when you need it done.

There are kits and tools that you can use to bypass transponder as well as tutorials for bypassing them. However, the process is usually confusing and tedious. Most time it requires a new plain key cut for the ignition. Most of this process can only be properly done quickly and efficiently by a good and reliable car key locksmith. Any time you need immediate, reliable and affordable remote fob or ignition key replacement for your car, is your most reliable Car Key Replacement Company. We can be at your location within one hour of calling our customer representative to change your Car Key and get your back on the road.

When calling for the service of vehicle key lock replacement, you need a properly licensed, insured and professional company that knows what they are doing. Key Locksmith is the right company for all your Car Key needs. We have state-of-art tools and knowledgeable experts for bypassing transponder keys or replacing it. All you need to do is call us immediately on (408)664-9290 for a comprehensive, trusted, efficient and affordable auto locksmith, broken remotes fob, keyless entry or lost ignition keys made within 24 hours.

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